Scheduled work on electrical equipment of data center Tsvetochnaya-2 from 09-04-24 23:00 MSK to 10-04-24 09:00 MSK

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09-04-24 23:00 MSK · 10 hours



In the Tsvetochnaya-2 data center, scheduled work will be carried out on modern electrical equipment.

During the period from 23:00 04/09/2024 to 09:00 04/10/2024 (UTC/GMT+3), one power input will be turned off in some server racks, which absorbs the reduction in the redundancy level.

When servers operate with one power supply, the data will not be lost; if the server has two power supplies, then one of them will be turned off, but the equipment will continue to work.

If your equipment falls under the specified works, you will receive a corresponding notification in the control panel

April 4, 2024 · 13:30 MSK

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