There is an ongoing Maintenance
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Bare Metal Scheduled maintenance
Pools Scheduled maintenance
SPB-1 Operational
SPB-2 Operational
SPB-3 Operational
SPB-4 Scheduled maintenance
SPB-5 Operational
MSK-1 Operational
MSK-2 Operational
MSK-3 Operational
NSK-1 Operational
TAS-1 Operational
NBO-1 Operational
ALM-1 Operational
Services Scheduled maintenance
Dedicated Servers Scheduled maintenance
Colocation Operational
Racks Operational
Network Operational
Firewalls Operational
Cloud Platform Operational
Pools Operational
ru-1a Operational
ru-1b Operational
ru-1c Operational
ru-2a Operational
ru-2b Operational
ru-2c Operational
ru-3a Operational
ru-3b Operational
ru-3c Operational
ru-7a Operational
ru-9a Operational
gis-1a Operational
uz-1a Operational
kz-1a Operational
ke-1a Operational
ru-8a Operational
Services Operational
Cloud servers Operational
Object Storage Operational
Network Volumes Operational
Images Operational
Backups Operational
Loadbalancers Operational
Network Operational
Managed Kubernetes Operational
Container Registry Operational
Managed Databases Operational
Cloud functions Operational
Secrets manager Operational
Billing Operational
VMware Cloud Operational
Pools Operational
AVM1 | SILVER-1 Operational
AVM1 | GOLD-1 Operational
AVM1 + BRZ2 | PLATINUM-1 Operational
DUB3 | SILVER-1 Operational
DUB3 | GOLD-1 Operational
DUB3 + CVT2 | GOLD-1 Operational
Private Cloud Operational
Services Operational
Virtual Data Centers Operational
Network Operational
VMware clusters Operational
vCloud Director Operational
Control Panel Operational
DaaS Operational
Cloud powered by VMware backup Operational
Backup SPB Operational
Backup MSK Operational
Backup Console SPB Operational
Backup Console MSK Operational
Network Services Operational
DNS-hosting Operational
Anti-DDoS Operational
Content delivery network Operational
Fault-tolerant load balancer Operational
Monitoring Operational
Direct connect Operational
Global connect Operational
Global router (L3VPN) Operational
File storage Operational
Data centers Scheduled maintenance
Moscow Operational
Berzarina-1 Operational
Berzarina-2 Operational
Aviamotornaya Operational
St.Petersburg Scheduled maintenance
Tsvetochnaya-1 Operational
Tsvetochnaya-2 Operational
Dubrovka-1 Scheduled maintenance
Dubrovka-2 Operational
Dubrovka-3 Operational
Novosibirsk Operational
Svetlyi Operational
Tashkent Operational
Unicon Operational
Infrastructure Scheduled maintenance
Electricity Scheduled maintenance
Conditioning Operational
Network Operational
N+ Operational
Interfaces Operational
API Operational
Control Panel Operational
NTP Operational
Looking Glass Operational
Billing Operational
Website Operational
Mirror Operational
CLI Operational
Third-party services Operational
Veeam Cloud Connect/Veeam Agent Operational
VDS by Selectel Operational
Website pages Operational
Control panel Operational
API Operational
Moscow Operational
Saint-Petersburg Operational
External network Operational
Russia network Operational
DNS Operational
Foreign network Operational
Mobile farm Operational

Past incidents

Scheduled maintenance Planned work to update Veeam Cloud Connect from 13-06-24 12:00 MSK to 13-06-24 14:00 MSK

On 06/13/2024 from 12:00 to 14:00 (UTC +3) scheduled work will be carried out to update Veeam Cloud Connect.

During this work, Veeam Cloud Connect and Agent Backup services will be unavailable.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Scheduled maintenance Planned work to modernize the infrastructure for the DBaaS service in locations ru-9, ru-7, ru-3, ru-2, ru-1 from 13-06-24 09:00 MSK to 13-06-24 18:00 MSK

06/13/2024 from 09:00 to 18:00 (UTC +3) planned work will be carried out to modernize the infrastructure for the DBaaS service in locations ru-9, ru-7, ru-3, ru-2, ru-1.

During the work, monitoring of clusters will be stopped for a period of up to 30 minutes.

No impact on cluster performance is expected.

Scheduled maintenance Planned works to modernize the network infrastructure in the location SPB-3, 06/13/2024 from 13-06-24 00:00 MSK to 13-06-24 01:00 MSK

In the period from 06/13/2024 00:00 to 01:00 (GMT+3) work will be carried out to modernize the network infrastructure of the SPB-3 location (Dubrovka-3).

Expected impact:

  • loss of access to the local network (up to 1 minute).

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Incident & maintenance history
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